Welcome to the new seedvault.no

The Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture and Food proudly presents the new seedvault.no, a dynamic online platform with an emphasis on videos dedicated to educate and enlighten our global audience about food security and environmental sustainability. Inspired by the crucial role of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in preserving global crop diversity, this website offers a curated selection of topics focused on agricultural resilience and biodiversity conservation.

At its core, seedvault.no prioritises user experience, with intuitive navigation and interactive features that facilitate seamless exploration. The website’s new video integration brings topics to life, offering engaging multimedia content that highlights the importance of seed preservation and sustainable agriculture. You can find a collection of our videos on the media page.

A still from our video about Solhatt organic horticulture

From crop diversity to climate-resilient farming practices, we cover a range of pressing issues in food security, providing users with valuable insights and resources to address global challenges. With a commitment to inclusivity, the platform ensures accessibility for all, fostering a community where diverse perspectives are celebrated and valued.