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The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is a secure backup facility for the world’s crop diversity. The Seed Vault can hold up to 1,5 million seed samples. In this film we get an insight into the important work that is done inside the seed vault.
Climate change leads to demanding growing conditions. At Graminor they do the time-consuming work of developing new plant varieties better adapted for today’s climate.
IBBR in Italy is an important gene bank for the whole Mediterranean basin and contains more than 59,000 accessions. Many of these samples have also been sent to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault as a backup of their genetic material.
Armando Balestrazzi is an italian farmer and tourist host who is very proud of the rich diversity of plant material that exists in Puglia. At his farm he produces an impressive variety of different local fruits and vegetables – the organic way.    
The Norwegian Forest Seed Center is responsible of providing good quality seeds for Norway’s forest industry. The process of extracting forest seeds is intricate and involves many specialized machines.
Solhatt ecological horticulture are cultivating plant seeds for distribution in the commercial marked. They are actively testing the seeds collected from the gene banks in their planting fields.
The loss of biological diversity is one of the biggest threats for food security. The Norwegian Community Seed Bank is bringing back older Nordic plant varieties and ensures genetic diversity in the Nordic region. 

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