Seed Vault Summit

Policymakers, scientists, seed bank experts and other guests have been invited to Svalbard for the 10 year anniversary, to participate in a Seed Vault Summit. With the theme «Towards rational conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources», participants will share ideas and discuss options for agricultural crop conservation systems.


The participants will also be invited to add new seeds to Norway’s “Seed Vault Foundation Stone” a symbolic glass cylinder that was filled with seeds to commemorate when Norway and the other Nordic countries made the decision to build the Seed Vault in 2006.  The cylinder is now stored at the Svalbard Museum, where the Summit will take place.

Open for the public

After the seminar and the seed deposits, the Norwegian Minister of Agriculture and Food, Jon Georg Dale, will host a reception at the Svalbard Kulturhus, where Hålogaland teater/ the Arctic Theater in Tromsø will present its composition and dance, Frozen Songs, which was created after the theater’s composers, dancers and choreographers visited the Seed Vault for inspiration.

In addition to the Summit participants, the show will be open for Svalbard residents. And as Longyearbyen is an international society with inhabitants from more than 40 countries, the performance will go on tour to a large number of countries.

Agenda for the summit can be downloaded here

Download the program
The Norwegian Prime Minister in 2006 Jens Stoltenberg, announced the decision to build the Seed Vault together with colleagues from the other Nordic countries in June 2006, by pouring seeds into a glass cylinder filled with stones from the site where the Vault was going to be built. He was accompanied by his colleagues in the other Nordic countries. Photo: Even Bratberg.